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Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds are now available in a myriad of different strains, with the seedbanks from Amsterdam and beyond constantly breeding  new varieties. We are pleased to be able to bring to you all the major seedbanks strains, our cannabis seeds are fresh and sourced from only the best marijuana seed banks.

We have over a thousand varieties of the best cannabis seeds from the world’s top award-winning cannabis seed breeders and reputable marijuana seed companies from Amsterdam, Spain, North America, Australia and South Africa. With our premium worldwide shipping you can rest assured you will get the best seeds at the best prices.

All breeders have their own histories, cup winners and strain lineage. We have F1 strains, landraces, hybrids, auto-flowering seeds and real true-breeding strains. We have all female cannabis seeds as well as Pick ‘n Mix Single Cannabis Seeds. Original marijuana seed strains such as Skunk seeds and Kush seeds, including all crosses & hybrids, plus all versions of classics like White Widow seeds and the Original UK Cheese seeds.

Our delivery service & packaging process is discreet, reliable and the packaging is plain, unmarked and protected so the cannabis seeds will not be crushed or damaged in any way. Read more, view galleries and even win cannabis seeds on our Cannabis Blog.