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Soma Regular Cannabis Seeds

Soma Cannabis Seeds are the result of spiritual dedication to the sacred cannabis plant. Rastafarian Soma has been working the plant for nearly 40 years. He makes clothes and other articles from the plant as well as studying every aspect of the marijuana phenomenon. Soma Seeds have one of the most interesting ranges of souvenir seeds to preserve for prosperity.


All seeds displayed on EveryoneDoesIT.com are expressly sold with the intention that they are to be used solely for souvenir or collectors, or other lawful purpose and notwithstanding that some jurisdictions lawfully permit the cultivation of cannabis seeds. EveryoneDoesIT.com does not purport to give legal advice in any way whatsoever, however all users of this site should know that without a license from the Secretary of State, it is a criminal offence, at least in the United Kingdom, to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis by virtue of Section 6 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. This offence is punishable in the United Kingdom, in addition to an unlimited fine, with a maximum of 14 years imprisonment.